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Initiate the SPARK in you

Create a new way of being

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Elsi  Valeriana

Mystic artist, etherealist, writer, event designer, teacher & guide

Elsi Valeriana reconstructs societal norms, studies non-material sciences and arts, travels through dimensions and channels transforming insights to empower women.

Her mission is to initiate your inner SPARK and teach practices to cultivate it.

My writing

I write intuitively about my reflections with the world: my relationship to myself and others, my self-realization journey and embodiment.

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Work with me



Online academy to find, cultivate and strengthen your inner SPARK.

Embodying our creative power through yoga, movement, meditation and other practices.


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Live events

Events, retreats, workshops, women's circles etc..
Transformational journeys for our 
well-being and personal development hosted and facilitated by Elsi Valeriana.


Collaborations & event design

I collaborate with artists, art projects and event organizers. 
I am professional event producer and available for bookings for consultation and event design.


I express myself through dance, performance art and freestyle rap. I am also in process of making rap music.



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