Artist of many perspectives, non-material scienses & arts.
Fueled by the feminine energy.

Elsi Valeriana is the artist name of Elsimaria Eveliina. She is a self-proclaimed modern eclectic mystic and multidimensional spirit inhabiting a female body. She also identifies as a dark worker living between the worlds: the ethereal and the material. 

From these landscapes she gathers the inspiration for her art, which right now manifests in forms of writing, dancing, performance art, spoken word (freestyle rap) and event design.

She guides people through transformational journeys in events, workshops and modules she hosts and facilitates.

Her field of expertise is the dark side of humanity, radical expression, the messiness of our humaness and the rawness of our being. With her you can work with your so called shadow side: the parts of you that are considered bad, not acceptable or taboos. 

Most of her teachings are based on her own journey of healing and self-discovery accompanied with esoteric philosophies, like the philosophy of yoga and the tantric arts. When teaching her main focus is to guide her students to their own truth and intuition, the great teacher inside each and everyone of us. 


Elsi Valeriana was very connected with nature since beginning of her journey. She grow up in the countryside of Finland and suffered from lack of meaning like most children born in Western societies these days. With the help of psychedelic medicines she discovered the spiritual world and her reductionist-materialistic worldview changed for good. After that she continued her spiritual journey by studying yoga, buddhism, tibetan buddhism, bodywork, tantra and hermetism.

Nowadays she has been teaching yoga, meditation and other embodiment practices since her yoga teacher training in India 2016. She continues her own studies with her personal spiritual empowerment coach and her daily practice. One of her main principles is to stay humble and continue her own studies aswell while simultaneously guiding others.

From 2017 she has performed in intuitive performance art collective called Mindfunk Monkeys. 2019 she graduated from HUMAK university of applied sciences as a project manager/producer specialized in event production and design. In 2021, after being a lover of rap music for two decades, she found her own voice as a freestyle rap artist and she is now creating her own music.
Read more about her work HERE.

She offers her unique medicine in forms of live & online workshops, retreats, events, gatherings, 1:1 coaching, masterclasses and transmission journeys. Read more of her offerings HERE.

The best way to get to get to know her more is through her WRITING.

Outrageous, authentic and free. All I need to be.

Elsi Valeriana


Magia on syvän elämän kipinämme oivaltamista ja tietoista itsesäätelyä

Elsi Valeriana

Pictures by  Jenny Virta @jennyunelmavirta