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Intuitive performance art

Bending minds since 2017

Read this info if you want to book us.


Monkeys on Fire Performance at Kosmos festival 2023

Elsi Valeriana with Renegade Braun and Mikko Heikinpoika, private event, 4.10.2022, Helsinki
Elemental Alchemy Performance at Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs festival 2022, Finland
Divine Feminine Ceremony at Kosmos festival 2022, Finland
Temple of Femininity Space Holders with Tinttu Henttonen at Baltic Circle' festivals Undertone event 27.11.2021, Helsinki

Ethereal Bonds and Mindbends at Circus Mukawa 30.10.2021, Helsinki
Mindfunk Monkeys Ceremony performance at Merkaba Activation 10.9.2021, Helsinki
Mindfunk Monkeys Ceremony performance at Secret Boat Party 22.8.2021, Helsinki
Mindfunk Monkeys Performance with LOVI Ritual at Time for Ascension 7.8.2021, Helsinki
Mindfunk Monkeys performance with Rahuman at Natural High Healing Festival 3.7.2021, Uusi-Kaupunki
Mindfunk Monkeys wild and free at Dimension Void 22.2.2020, Turku

Milka's Solo at LaavU presents: Naistenpäivä w/Ganeisha 8.4.2019, Oulu

Monkeys wild and free at Psychedelic Halloween 2018, Helsinki

Monkeys wild and free at Utopia festival 2018, Helsinki

Darkness Welcoming Ceremony at MyskiMayhem 2018, Finland

Performance at Kosmos festival 2018, Finland

Perfomance at Kosmos festival 2017, Finland 

Wild and free at Kosmos festival pre-party 2017, Helsinki 

Wild and free at 420 Gathering 2017, Finland

Wild and free at Vappukarnevaali 2018, Helsinki

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