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My 31st birthday letter

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

What a year it was indeed - there were times I felt I was a newborn child and times when I was ancient being. Here is my 31st birthday letter.

Here is a picture of me from my first year at school, 7 years old. Cute, righhttt?


31 years of Elsimaria.

2021 was probably the best year of my life so far: I finally embodied the enjoyment of life. I connected with my feminine essence and it opened so many doors, healed numerous wounds and showed me where the home truly is.

2021 was also the year I came out from my spiritual closet and showed up publicly with the work I am doing and what I am offering to the others. Also a rap/hiphop star was born when I found my voice as an rap priestess.

All the big realizations and insights I’ve had during these years of spiritual exploration came to flesh this year. I can feel the integration happening all the time - I feel like living the life of my previous dreams. I embody gratitude. I embody happiness. I embody my authentic self.

I am so thankful for the c0vid for making it all slow down - all the lockdowns and restrictions teached me to find the freedom within. When the outer reality and collective narratives are crumbling down it just cleares my vision in a scale that I can fully see the thin layer between realities and keep in mind that this Samsara is just a manifestation of the Mind. This gives me so much clarity and safety to trust the Great Unknown.

2021 was the second year I worked with my spiritual coach Suvi and I am eternally thankful for all the work we have done together. 

I just love to grow older.

Every year keeps better and every time I think I’ve seen it all the universe delivers it’s magic. For me growing up and opening from the heart has been about peeling all the layers which I chose to carry unconsciously before I was able to take care of myself consciously. 

I just read my last years birthday letter. Honestly I just want to embrace the ability I have for spiritual exploration and my growth game. The previous letter was much about my values, desires and boundaries. And when I cleared that shit up, the reality of feminine magic unfolded for me.

And here we go to the feminine! I struggled years trying to find out who I was. So so many levels of ego were blinding me from seeing my true essence. And what was my own medicine that lead me through these layers of ego to my true self?

It was pleasure. It was happiness. It was enjoyment. It was self-love. It was acceptance. It was patience. By following these feelings I found my way home, to my own feminine energy as a womb-carrying being.

I chose to stop trying to work with masculine energy - it was a lie to me. It wasn’t me. My masculine traits were coping mechanisms learned to protect me. And I knew I did not need them anymore. 

Yes of course I have my YIN & YANG energies but that is a different topic.. but I chose to drop the masculinity. I want to grow up as a fully feminine being and find a masculine counterpart on my way. 

My personal truth I embrace right now is that I NEED MEN to step up their game. We as women we need MEN. There is this cultural trend going on that women try to do everything alone and try to be masters at everything men do naturally better. I am done with that shit. It does not nourish me. 

What nourishes me is knowing that there are men that are super focused to protect the feminine (women, the wildlife and nature for example!). And with this realization I learned how to lean back and trust the divine masculine energy all around us. Some call it God..

Whatever it is I know it supports me and keeps me safe all times. And as a feminine being I need this kind of spiritual support. 


(omg this reminds me of an acid trip I had years ago when I learned how to dance with the energies around me and had this fleeting sense of ’now I am gonna go to the center of Helsinki and show those smuggles how its done’, gladly I am reasonable enough not to do that actually, just entertaining myself with the idea) :DD 

Haha so yes, I am going crazier every year and I highly recommend it to everyone. Reductionist-materialistic world view is just limiting and boring as fuck. If you wanna fly and be magic I would suggest to open up a little bit for the possibilities of miracles and such! Life is too short not to tap into higher frequencies of living! 

Of course I love material sciences and all the great things it has provided for us but non-material spiritual sciences are a completely different territory and that’s the field I am exploring at. Let’s respect both. I truly believe we can find balance between these two polarities.

Coming up 2022

On 22nd of February 2022 I will publish SparkAdemy Intuitive Studies & Sisterhood - online platfrom where I’ll be giving this medicine of mine for women willing to work with and for their mystical truth and reclaim their inner alchemistress.

You can follow the process at Instagram @sparkademia

So with these words I want to dive into the next year of my earthly existence!

Love you all! Lets get magical AF!

With love, Elsimaria

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