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My 30th birthday letter

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Originally published 5.1.2021 on my Facebook: My 30th birthday letter.

Picture credits: HemeVamos Visuals


30 years of Me and it's getting quite fabulous.

Year 2020 made me stop, think less and feel more.

it was the year of great changes for me, and probably everyone else aswell.

Actually, what a perfect year to spend my last year at my twenties. No change to runaway from the change or my roots - literally. Borders closed af.

Lots of accepting, lots of rooting done.

Noticed myself flying way to close to the sun - got my wings burned a couple of times. Fall from the clouds. Felt the earth again. Falling in love with my darkness.

Darkness is my base - no shame there.

In the dark times I was born and in the darkness I flourish.

I'm a creature that can breathe and create without the light. I'm the alchemist of freedom, freedom from the known. Freedom from the search of light.

2021 will be about building and nurturing confidence, showing up for myself and those who actually love and respect me as a equal human being.

No games, no half-assed love, no crossing my boundaries.

I chose to close my borders aswell.

Only let those in who water me, walk beside me, understand me, laugh with me, create with me. The choice is ours, ours together.

If you're reading this, thanks for being in my life, thanks for being interested enough to read this far. With these words I let you in, inside of my highly complex mind. The mind that makes me special. The mind that used to tell it is not loved because it is too special, too weird, too much, too unconvetional. Nowadays those are my greatest strengths.

With these thoughts I start my 30's, with this elegance I brace myself for the following days.

With these grace I walk with those who do not fear the darkness, who choose love over fear.

Those who actually believe in themselves, not the world around them.

I stand with those who believe the universe is always conspiring in our favor.

Let's break free from fear and start to create better future for ourselves together, in the new times of Aquarius.

In the times of REAL co-operation. REAL human beings.

Full of flaws to love. I'm you. Be you with me.

As within, so without.

As above, so below.

With love, Elsimaria
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