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How is it like to build a business which supports my wellbeing?

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

In this post I reflect my journey towards entrepreneurship. I will reveal my most important values and how they guide me on my journey to become a self-sustained entrepreneur.

Photo taken by Jenny Virta @jennyunelmavirta

A little tour to my past..

Both of my parents have been entrepreneurs since I remember. I grow up in an environment where it was a norm to run own businesses and I've always known this will be my path as well. There was a point in my life where I went against this calling and thought it would be nice and smooth ride to just work for someone else - but the joy did not last.

I value my wellbeing over anything else

When I first discovered I am not neurotypical (ADHD/ADD) I was shocked. It made so much sense to me - but also I was grieving because I felt I can never change and this just is the way I (my brain) operates. I got afraid that I will have to start the medication which was scary because I knew how the ADHD medication is nowadays (it is basically amphetamines).

With time my attitude towards my 'special gift' changed - I learned to see it as my strength and got a lot of empowerment from deepening my understanding for how to take better care of myself and what actually is good for me. Getting to know myself has taught me that I thrive when I am the one in charge of what comes to my schedules, assignments, mission and life's calling. By learning about myself it came clear to me that one of my most important values is to be able to arrange everything in a way it supports my wellbeing. Committing to this pushed me even closer to take the first steps to build my own business.

It has to be immaterial and it has to light me up day after day

Nothing gives me deeper sense of fulfillment than channeling wisdom and helping others to find their own path

During the years I've thought about and even tried many ways I could sustain myself. I was always very aware of the fact that whatever my life's purpose will be - it won't be me producing more material stuff.

Some of those try-outs were close - but did not fulfill me fully. And I desired for more - and because my pre-conditioning I was demonizing myself from always wanting more - I wanted more freedom, more fulfillment, more pleasure and more magic. And with the help of my spiritual and other daily practices I learned to celebrate my desire for more. I understood it was the long-suppressed divine feminine in me. My sacred calling to expand. Slowly I learned how to trust my desire and willingness to enjoy life and work. I felt like everyone hates their job and work is something that drains the life-force of ours.. But I discovered it was yet another pre-conditioning of our society which I have to re-program to serve me better. By following my pleasure and desire I discovered nothing gives me deeper sense of fulfillment (so far) than channeling wisdom and helping others to find their own path.

The intuition as my guide

I was scared of course. There has been countless demons in my past I have faced. Sometimes I still feel the heaviness of my old programmings taking me down. I found myself asking: how could someone who has been so fucked up could ever help anyone else? That was my ego trying to keep me small. My spirit knew it is actually my greatest strength to be the one who truly has dwelled in the deep waters of human suffering and separateness. I was there - suffering alone in the dark - and found my way out. And now I want to help others. I learned my energy is unique and there must be a reason why I went through everything I had to in order to become the person I am today. The same intuition that helped me through those difficult times now helps me to channel the content for my workshops, lectures, writings and masterclasses. Everything in SparkAdemy is intuitively created and for my intuition to thrive I need to be sensitive to my needs and trust the timing as well the nature's cycles. Also this work has required me to drop my masculine coping mechanisms and surrender to my feminine core essence. How my feminine essence supports my path?

It is the willingness to grow and to expand. It is the home within my existence where I rest and from where I create. It is me honoring my cycles and the nature's cycles. It is me making a week/mont/year plan just so I can forget about the plan and live in the moment (while simultaneously following the plan!). Yes it does not make sense - but it feels good. It is me tuning in to hear my own needs and my clients. It is me collaborating with the very existence. itself.

I've seen feminine-energy led-business also called as magic-led business. It is maybe because it can abandon all the previous programmings of how business should be run. At least I trust my magic more than any reason-based ideas I've ever got. And for me magic is just about doing stuff consciously, making the meaning and giving spiritual life to happenings. In feminine led-business there are no consequences because the feminine trusts the law of interconnectedness. Every action (conscious or not) has it's effect on the life we manifest. The feminine in me sees this and responds accordingly. The feminine is wild and untamable - as I like my business to be. I thrive in my femininity - so having a feminine led-business is essential for my wellbeing. With love, Elsi Valeriana

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