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Taideprojektit & tuotannot

Mindfunk Monkeys

Intuitive perfomance art collective founded 2017

Harnessing inspiration from the present moment and the universal source of inspiration, the great unknown.

We open the doors of perception with movement art and channel the energies as party or ceremony space holders.

We combine elements from dance, performance art, ritual magic, theathre, contact improvisation and voice work to create a performative embodiment of the divine where a human meets an animal, animal meets the God, past meets the present, present meets the future and a newborn meets the ancient one.

READ THIS if you wish to work with us.


CONTACT for bookings and collaborations.

For more photos check out our Instagram @mfmonkeys

See our calendar HERE


Ulla&Snoopy Freestyle Rap Duo

Freestyle rap duo founded in 2020 is a creative madness overflow of Elsi Valeriana and Magdalena Sofia (also known as Vaskilintu).

Freestyle rap and improvisation duo. Ulla&Snoopy blows your mind and tingles your body with creative use of words.

They are like two ancient all-knowing witches with their never ending explosive feminine energy which fills the room and makes the audience go through all their emotions during Ulla&Snoopy freestyle rap mayhem.

Their show is not only about rap, it is a carnival to celebrate life and existence in all forms. Deep wisdom and loving vibes quaranteed. 



Event creation & design

As a freelancer professional event producer I have worked with transformational events seince 2018

My event production ideology is based on transformation and spiritual growth orientated values. The events I design follow the path of ever-expanding learning process.
I construct events in a way that they support holistic health, freedom of expression and the power of an equal community. 

I want the events I design to leave a lasting effect to anyone involved.
I design and curate the event programs to support participants empowerment, freedom of expression, self-healing work and integration of all these while simultaneously having a blast. ​

For my upcoming events SEE SCHEDULE
For event collaborations, work offers or consulting CONTACT ME

My past events/collabs:
Villa Kaarina Parties: Housewarming party, paradise party and Alien Avatar theme party 
Satakasin Kekrijuhla 2019, 2020, 2021
HUG Music, Art & Wellness Festival 2019, 2020

fUnity Psychedelic Gathering 2019
Lentävä Matto Yoga Center 5years Birthday week 2019

Picture: Pyry Jarva


The Official Supervisor  Short film

2017 we created a short film 'The official Supervisor. The production was mostly freestyled. We created the story while filming and enjoyed the flow of creation.

This is actually a movie trilogy, I have already written the sequels but due to lack of funding this project is having a break. No one knows if these sequels will ever see daylight.


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