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Online school and community for modern intuitive women
In finnish / SUOMEKSI

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The SPARK is your magic power

- in Sparkademy you will learn how to use it consciously

Online academy to find, cultivate and strengthen your inner SPARK.

Embodying our creative power through yoga, movement, meditation and other practices.

For now the teaching is in finnish and the content is mainly created for females by a female. Practices start from beginner level and continue to more advanced levels of personal empowerment, femine manifestation and bringing our life's mission into flesh.


I'm updating more practices and transmissions when ever they are given to me.

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SparkAdemy Intuitive Studies will include:

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My mission while creating SparkAdemy..

My mission is to provide easily accessible holistic practices online and create a supportive online community for modern witches, artists and other women interested in personal growth and self-discovery. 

Sparkademy platform and community will support your journey to creating your own way of living by addressing the issues from your past that are holding you down and prepare you for taking the necessary steps to become a resilient spiritual being.

No love & light BS, grounded practices with not-so-serious approach to empowerment, done in a sustainable way.

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..and the vision of SparkAdemy

In my vision women can practice and cultivate their femine essence with the support of integrated healthy masculine. Highly materialistic society will accept the ethereal sciences as a part of ever expanding knowledge of life and the nature of our reality. The destructive polarization will decrease and different worldviews are seen as equal and the mutual understanding grows. 

To support that I support women to find their truth and learn the holistic practices to support their lives.

Sparkademy is the school for the modern goddesses to wake up to their powers while staying grounded to their primal animal instincts.

By ending the polarization and war inside ourselves we become the change we want to see in the world.

As within so without

With love, Elsimaria
The Spark iniatress

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